After the success of our first video, we set on sights on capturing London in time lapse

Over the course of 8 days, Paul cycled over 200 miles around London to capture this time lapse.

That week consisted of 3 main tasks. Lots of shooting, transferring photos onto the laptop, and a little bit of sleep. By the end of it he was physically drained – to the point where he thought he’d collapse on the final cycle back. Thankfully he didn’t, and managed to make it back in one piece. The raw result was 18,000 time lapse photos, spanning 364 GB of harddrive space. Cue a few weeks of editing, and this was the video that resulted

Whenever we visit London we’re always surprised by the true 24/7 nature of the city; it really is a place that never sleeps. That was exactly what we wanted to capture, the ‘hustle and bustle’ of everyday life. Unfortunately the weather was true to English standards, and it rained pretty much every single day, forcing Paul to shoot solely at night. That led to the title of the piece ‘Restless Nights’.