Time Lapse Image Portal

Each of our long-term cameras come with a private time lapse image portal, packed with features.

When our time lapse cameras are installed on site, they upload images to our servers at regular intervals. Once the time lapse images reach the server, they are ingested into our portal and sent to two separate storage locations. This redundancy gives you peace of mind that your images will be safe.

Your private login gives you access to the portal, where you are instantly greeted by the latest images shown on screen. You can choose to cycle through the various images, generate time lapse videos, or navigate through a calendar system to download past imagery.

The System

We only use the latest cameras in our time lapse systems, which provide high-quality images. These are connected to the cloud through industrial-spec 4G routers, and controlled by our own custom control units. Each system is designed with fail-safes in place and has been built from the ground up to be as robust as possible.

We can remotely access each unit via 4G and SMS commands, ensuring that the system keeps on running. We also receive email updates from the units, informing us of any issues along the way.

Should the network connection drop, the camera will keep on capturing images and then upload them once the connection is restored.

Image Archive

The image archive is stored in full resolution, allowing you quick and easy access to high-quality images. Our time lapse cameras typically capture in 4k, which is normally enough quality to produce large prints.

There is a calendar view available on the archive which allows for quick and easy navigation through to your required image. These images are then date-stamped right down to the very second that they were captured.